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Quality of Life/Smart Government


The role of government at every level is to make your life better. You should not have to notice it or worry about it. Day in and day out, government should take care of the tasks entrusted to its care with high competency, fiscal responsibility, and no drama.

There are limited public funds so City leaders need to be focused and strategic, preparing the community to thrive today and tomorrow. The City cannot do everything so it needs to focus on key priorities: infrastructure, public safety, support for children, homelessness and housing, equitable access, and environmental sustainability.  

Pasadena's Children

 A former teacher, Tamerlin is well familiar with Pasadena’s schools and the importance of City support for the children of Pasadena from all backgrounds. Tamerlin has been on the Board of the Pasadena Educational Foundation for the past 10 years, currently leading its strategic planning. PEF raises millions of dollars for the schools each year and oversees important programs in the arts, music, STEM, and enrichment. With the passage of Measure J, it is important that the City understand and be able to talk fluently about the PUSD schools. 

Public Safety

 Tamerlin is the daughter of a retired CHP officer and long involved with public safety issues. She is well-versed in the best practices of public oversight. She served on the Rampart Commission, the Citizen’s Commission on Jail Violence and the Inmate Welfare Commission. 


LA County has made a large financial commitment to addressing issues of homelessness. Pasadena needs to be active with others in the County to harness the available funds for effective solutions. We need to implement solutions that focus on the various and different stages of homelessness. If we can assist people just before they fall into homelessness or during the first three months, the chances of getting and keeping them off the streets is high. Once a person has been on the streets for more than 18 months, the chances are low. And homelessness involves more than just financial instability, it involves mental health and drug addiction as well. We can work with our partners to implement multi-prong solutions.


A critical role of the City Council is to protect, maintain, manage, and build out our infrastructure consistent with the quality of life we enjoy living in Pasadena.

We need to make sure that our streets and utility infrastructure are maintained.

We need to manage the use of the Rose Bowl effectively.

We need to harness new technologies to address issues like traffic and parking.

We need to increase and enhance our green spaces.

We need to manage our density and development.


Public policy choices have intended and unintended consequences. We need to make sure that our choices promote equity and quality of life for all citizens of Pasadena.

Supporting children and families is the most important effort in addressing issues of inequity.

Equitable access to libraries, green space, art institutions, civic spaces are all part of an equitable, enjoyable city.


Fiscal Responsibility

The most important role of the City Council is to make sure that the City is fiscally stable and able to thrive today and tomorrow.

Part of that responsibility is adopting policies that allow businesses to thrive.


The threat to the habitability of our planet is real. Pasadena needs to be actively doing its part to be more responsible in the use of resources.