About tamerlin


Tamerlin was born and raised in Napa Valley—the daughter of a school teacher and a California Highway Patrolman. Valedictorian of her public high school, she turned down Stanford to attend UCLA, paid for entirely by scholarships. She graduated with a degree in English and Political Science. After college, Tamerlin taught 4th and 5th grade in Los Angeles Unified School District and then received her Master’s Degree in English from California State University, Northridge.

Tamerlin attended USC law school, clerked for Judge Harry S. Hupp and joined Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP. She specializes in entertainment litigation. 

Long involved in public safety issues, Tamerlin served on the Rampart Commission investigating corruption within the LAPD. She was also one of six Deputy General Counsel of the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence, investigating and making recommendations for the largest jail system in the United States. Thereafter, she served on the LASD Inmate Welfare Commission, overseeing the expenditure of funds to curb recidivism. 

She also is well versed in the issues impacting public education and the Pasadena schools in particular. She has been a leader within the Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF), serving as VP of Community Engagement, VP of Board Affairs and currently head of Strategic Planning. She also leads the 50th Anniversary Committee. Tamerlin also led the litigation team that permanently enjoined an expansive voucher bill in Nevada that would have siphoned off more than $100 million a year from Nevada’s already deeply underfunded public schools. In the Nevada Supreme Court, she argued against Paul Clement, (the advocate who argued Hobby Lobby, DOMA and other notable Supreme Court cases) and won. Tamerlin is a founder of the national organization Public Funds Public Schools, focused on protecting funds for public education. She also served on the South Pasadena School Board from 2001-2005.

Tamerlin has been involved with addressing the issue of homelessness, particularly for homeless college students. She is currently working with the organization started by students at UCLA entitled Students 4 Students to assist in finding subsidized housing for students around UCLA.

Tamerlin has lived in the greater Pasadena area for 30 years, moving into District 6 in 2008.  In addition to PEF, she is a past president of the Armory Center for the Arts and remains active on the Board, currently serving as VP of Development. Tamerlin is also active on the Board of Muse/Ique. Tamerlin served as a Commissioner to the Pasadena Human Relations Commission.

Tamerlin is married to Tim Godley, a teacher and Varsity Basketball coach. They have two adult children, Trevor (25) and Tiffany (18).